Whats your Obsidian 2.0 Plans?


So as we wait for the new server to come, I thought it would be fun to see what people what sort of plans people had once it comes.

What sort of base are you planning on making? Any major projects you want to work on? And if you could add one thing to the new span town, what would it be?

I personally plan on making a cliff-community. Small-Medium sized homes nestled along a cliff side with bridges connecting one another. Should be a challenge to build.


I wouldn’t mind trying to recreate my hobbit hole. Have you seen the one I did? It’s pretty awesome. Took me a LONG time to make it how it was. I might actually build it underground this time instead of having it partially above ground.


I think I’m going to go for a more space themed base. (And actually start working on one as first priority) Have the only way to get up to it be nether portal, should be a fun and tedious build.

Other than that, most likely work on creating spawn. Have you two seen the world that we plan on going with? It’s a interesting one regarding the way things work in MC world config.


Make an exact replica of my old house and base, down to the last block.