What's up with the portals?


My District 12 portal sent me to D12 the first time I used it, but the second time I used it, it sent me to the Nether. I had to break a piece of obsidian off and reattach it to the D12 portal before being able to access D12, essentially “rebuilding” the D12 portal.

Is this a bug? Or a feature? Is there any way to fix this?

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Not sure if there’s anything inherently wrong with them, do you have the 2 blocks of coals at the bottom outside parts?


I do have the two blocks of coal at the bottom two corners. The first time that the portal is completed, it works perfectly as intended. On subsequent attempts, the portal sends me to the nether. It is required to break and rebuild the portal before being able to access D12.

Thanks for responding, DW! : )


Hmm… That’s weird. Little out of my knowledge base, so might have to talk to @jacobwg about it, I’ll leave him tagged so he can figure it out. And no problem!