Staff Spotlight #0: Introduction


Hey guys! So, this is the first post in a series about our staff roles and members. Each post will feature one of our staff members - since this is post 0, I thought Iā€™d introduce the roles! :smile:

We have three staff roles, Guardian, Community Builder, and Operator.

Guardians are tasked with making the server welcoming and fun, upholding the Community Guidelines, and handling incidents like player conflict or griefing. Guardians can kick/ban players in emergencies, and are able to roll back griefer damage thanks to our block logging plugins. Our guardians are Drt_Rider, jimintheb0x, Reed, and Xyle!

Community Builders assist with server promotion, advertising, running the website, forums, and subreddit. Community Builders strive to grow the community of players and ensure everyone is having a good time. Community Builders also help with coordinating server events. Our one and only Community Builder is CFCThomas!

Operators are responsible for all the technical details of keeping the server operational and paying the bills. Plugin updates, Spigot updates, website updates, forum updates, server updates, news updates, community updates, basically a lot of updates. Operators are also responsible for appointing new staff. Our only operator is me, jacobwg.

Stay tuned for some exciting bios! Oh, and be sure to share a little about yourself here!