Should we restart with a different seed? - Poll



This poll is for the new Obsidian 2.0 map. There have been complaints lately about what’s under the surface in the new seed.

Positives of Resetting:

  • No more infinite mineshafts/caves
  • New biomes
  • New changes to overworld in 1.9

Negatives of Resetting:

  • No more infinite mineshafts/caves
  • Complete Restart…again


I think it’s a good idea. Having to travel to the edge of the map is not a good way to start in my opinion. I believe the progress we’ve made is an okay trade off for a fully 1.9 map.


Yea, as much as I would hate to start over again, I really think the pros outweigh the cons. No more infinite mineshaft… It doesn’t even feel like vanilla anymore because of that.


It’s a tough call. I think it’s safe to say there won’t be a major update to MC for ages, probably years. So I think O2 should be a stable and permanent world. We should get it right.

I’m not crazy about the cave/mineshaft thing, but I could live with it. Other than that issue I really like this seed. It has a good variety of features. Regular vanilla random seeds are kinda dull (and the plains & deserts are loaded with those annoying little water pools!)

O2 and 1.9 both went live around the same time so I think we should restart. Starting over won’t be that big a pain.

We should have an interesting, fun seed, large biomes, a mesa or three; ya know, the works!


Good thoughts leaping. I agree, I really enjoy the current seed as well.


Okay, done - the map has been reset with a new seed - enjoy!


Bang! Fast work Jacob, thanks!

Here we go again :wink:


Woot! Too bad I have midterms this week. Happy day though!

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