Saddle is Missing (or stolen)


I went over to the hole where I keep my horse and he was gone. I searched around until I found him at the bottom of of the hill, and his saddle was gone. I looked in my chests and it wasn’t there either. I think somebody stole it, is there a command to inspect mobs?


Was your horse the one with diamond armor? I saw it at the end of the hill when I first spawned in last night and there wasn’t any saddle on it when I got there. I thought it was weird that there was a fully diamond armored horse with no saddle… Also, not sure if there’s a command we can use, since we don’t even fully had mod control.


Yup, that was mine. Do you have a saddle I can borrow so I can get him back up the hill?


Yea, we have one you can use coolrider,


Thank you guys


I found a saddle that I can give you next time I see you online coolriderx1.