Realestate for new players


Lots of houses and bases are abandoned from players that got banned or don’t play anymore. I think we should sell them for free to new players that need homes. There is a board next to my shop that has properties for sale.It lists the cords and how big they are. If you have a house or base that you don’t need, put it on a sign. One more thing: for new players if you select a property, break its sign.


I think this is a great idea. Would like to see where this goes.


I just learned that there are player shops that are abandoned too like the convenient cottage. A lot of the owners don’t play anymore. I think it is a shame that the abandoned shops just take up space. I think the they should be moved or taken down.
And if there is a chance that the owners might play on the server again, the shops need to be moved to new spawn so players can get to them.