Poll: Map Reset / Obsidian 2.0


Quick opinion poll - are we ready for a map reset?

Obsidian 2.0 is coming! I think a map reset is in order, but 2.0 will include some changes to the website, faster server hosting, a new online chat / voice community, server events, and a marketing push to grow our player count. A push to streamline everything and grow, basically. :smile:

  • Reset the map!
  • I don’t care
  • I don’t like resets, but I’m okay if we have to
  • If it is reset, I will die!

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Let me know if you have any specific thoughts on this, or suggestions for 2.0.


If the map is being reset that means a fresh start and a new server. I was thinking we add changes like instead of d12 we make a bigger world. Also when 1.9 comes out we can make a new world that is updated. This is our opportunity to change and create things reguarding how the server works. This will attract lots of new players and give the server a bright future.


IF we reset, does that mean we lose EVERYTHING? All our personal belongings, our homes, etc? I’ve worked really hard to get everything I have, I just built a treehouse… I mean, that’s a lot of work, just gone.


That’s the downside yeah - I’m open to suggestions, but if we started with a new world, we’d all start from scratch. IMO we’ll do a map reset at some point (at least when 1.9 comes out), so this is more of a question of if we want to do one soon as part of a server revamp.


I mean, if we do it, let’s wait til AFTER 1.9 is released.


I tend to agree, though realistically it will be a while before we can switch to 1.9, since Spigot lags behind official MC releases. Should we do a reset before 1.9 though, only the end will need to be regenerated when we update to 1.9 as there aren’t any worldgen changes in 1.9 except for in the end.


My first reaction was ‘Whaaa?!? NO!!’ But considering it over a few hours I think it might be a good idea. A lot of people, including Whooves, have done a lot of work and have developed a history with their builds. If all that is wiped they might not come back.

On the other hand I think everything can be done better. All my builds could be improved. And besides, Leaping Hill is an awkward shaped hill to build on :wink:

We definitely need to attract some new players, hopefully ones who will stay for more than a weekend. Why people don’t stick around is something we should think on.

Will Obsidian 2.0 have large biomes? Mesas?

I want to hear what Checkers and MonkeyMad think of this. That iron farm is an epic build and very useful. I doubt Ch will feel like building it again.


Even though a map reset would be great I still don’t really like the idea of everything being lost. Is long is the world is for download a reset won’t kill me. Also I would love to be of help in rebuilding things like spawn and roads etc. If you need any help just tell me.


Reset the map, and possibly have some area have custom generated terrain in lieu of regularly generated terrain.


Okay, so I’m thinking I may try to do some host speedups on the current map, and if that works, we can save the reset for when 1.9 comes out. That’ll give everybody more time on the map. Unless of course we decide we want a fresh start sooner.

When we do a reset, I think we should stick with the vanilla terrain generator, but large biomes.


This is not really a problem but I noticed all of the achevements are erased just so you know.


I REALLY do not want to have to rebuild the iron farm, as that took forever and kept bugging out, making me have to redo it multiple times. I assume the reset would include ender chests, seeing as that can lead to unfairness. I do think that spawn has to be redone a bit, seeing as there are alot of shops no one is running anymore and things like that.
I feel as if the reset would be necessary, even thru all the setbacks. If we are going to do it tho, I expect a world download!

Edit: Would the new cleanroom also be reset too, when the time came?


I wasn’t sure if this would be best as a private message or comment, but this seems like a good time to say that I don’t think I’ll be on the server for much longer. This is because I’ve started to play Minecraft less and less in the past few months, and therefore I unfortunately will not carry on playing on the server after the (potential) map reset. This also means that I will no longer be continuing any of my projects (mainly the Post Office and the Horse Testing Track), but if anyone wants to take them on then you are more than welcome to.

I also want to say thanks to everyone for making me feel welcomed to the server, and to @jacobwg for allowing and trusting me to be a Guardian on the server. :smile:


Gonna miss you man! I’ll finish that HTT for ya!


Goodbye MM, I will see about the post office.


Sorry for the delay guys, been battling the stomach flu!

@coolriderx1 - I think (though I’m not 100% positive) that the local clients not the server handle achievements. I’ll look into it though.

@Checkers300 - I agree that it should happen sometime, just not sure when. The cleanroom would get reset yes (though it’s already been reset once - download of the old world is here).

@Monkeymad358 - thank you so much for all the help and support - you’re always welcome anytime, and best wishes! We’ll miss you!


I’m sorry to see you go MM, do pop in to say hi!


Can I get a map download if it resets? I really like my island


There should be a map download up eventually. Jacob is just working on stuff right now.


Yep, @a1ex, we’ll have map downloads for the existing worlds when the reset takes place.

I’m working to get the new server up ASAP, but it’s taking a bit longer than I’d like (there’s a lot that goes into it, and I’ve been out for the holiday). I’ll put up an announcement once it’s done.