Planning: Hunger Games



Let's have a hunger games event! This thread kicks off planning - we need a starting place designed (Cornucopia - @d0ct0rwh00ves was interested in overseeing that), we need to determine the official rules, decide on a day and time, and there's some coding to do for the server to oversee the game. Let's get started!

Date / Time: to be decided

Rules: to be decided

Remaining Todo Items:

  • Design and build world
  • Determine rules
  • Choose day / time
  • Code the server support

Dragon Dead! Next Event?

Me and d0ct0rwh00ves were talking about disabling the map on the website whilst we are playing the hunger games, as it could be used by people to cheat and check where other people are. We were also wondering what could be done to stop people from bringing items from the Overworld into District 12 before the hunger games starts, to be used during the event. Other then that, however, I definitely look forward to whenever the hunger games will take place, and if you need any help designing anything for the map (mainly redstone related, I'm not the best designer :slight_smile: ) then just let me know and I'll be happy to help.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention that both me and some others on the server with me are from the UK and therefore our time-zone is GMT, 4 hours ahead of EST, so any time apart from late evening is good for us.


Sounds good! Yeah, so I have the option to have separate world inventories (which is how the cleanroom has a separate inventory). I think we should host the event in a separate "event" world that should have a separate inventory and be hidden from the dynmap. We can open it up so that we can build everything for the event, and then close it until we're ready to start. I'm thinking part of the rules may include a shrinking world border, so better to have a separate world for that to work well.

Yep, we should make sure we're timezone-friendly for everybody :smile: Weekends probably will work best...


I'd love to help if possible. I've not been active recently because I've been busy and my mouse stopped working. But once my new one arrives I'll try to get active again.

In addition, I'm going away for a week in a week, so if you do it then I won't be able to make it.


I already have a map if you want to see it. It's a paintball map but it can become a survival games one with a few quick touch ups. There's also a parkour area outside of the map for when players are waiting on others in the lobby. If interested I could post a pic or give anyone a tour. Just notify me. :3


Awesome, I'm excited. I'd be happy to help with the map, whether it be through building or providing materials :slight_smile:


Hi! So I can't really help, - well at least I don't think I can. and I probably won't participate in this particular event because well, more than likely my timing will be off. I'll probably be at work or something TT_TT

As a note, that I literally just remembered - Hunger games style maps have been done before. Though normally it's a smaller map surrounded by a glass dome, and people can drop items to people below to "endorse" them.

The first thing I was going to suggest - would it be possible to have some players who will likely not be playing get "spectator" access to the map? Like with the Dynmap chat system - does it allow for restricting users view of specific worlds? (According to a github discussions I read it can actually!)

I just figured it'd be fun to watch and chat at the very least. I can see how chat might be an issue of telling users where other people are, but I'd hope we would be above that...

OOOH OOH Doesn't Minecraft now have a "spectator" mode? We could have people like me be in the world as a spectator! Since I probably can't be there to play due to my erratic schedule, I could drop in and watch from in game!

Now because I thought of other Minecraft hunger games, I came up with this idea:
Also, perhaps users who are spectators could have use of an "endorse" command which has a limited number of uses, and it's syntax could be like /endorse [Username] [shovel/sword/steak]

I think making the event interesting for spectators as well as players could be a good way to make sure the whole community is offered something.


Yes, there is an official "spectator" game mode, and yep, we should totally allow players to switch to it during the event! And yeah, endorsements would be cool. Not sure where the items would come from or how it would work overall... I like the idea that the endorsements might cost something (like the items actually have to be found, crafted, or something) but also limited in some way...


Hey, I was just wondering where we are at for setting up the hunger games event, since it's been over a month since the last post. Since there is still quite a bit to do by the looks of things, what is the thing that needs to be done the most?


I think there are a couple of things that have to be done. Also need to decide if this is going to be in a separate world or if we are going to build it by hand in the overworld.

  1. Finish designing the Arena (Yes, finish. I've had a paintball arena that I'm converting to SG.)
    Contact me if you wish to see/help
  2. Design a waiting room for the Overworld (and maybe Arena World)
  3. Get the necessary plugins/scripts (only @jacobwg can do this I believe)
  4. Set a deadline date.


Idea for location, 1842,65,1840 in D 12