Obsidian 2.0: When?


So… it’s been quite a while, and I was wondering if 2.0 is ever going to be up and running? I’m ready to play on the server and start fresh, I guess.


So, I’ve dropped the ball on that one - just returned from a business trip to NYC, and I’m hoping either tomorrow or this weekend to get the last bits for 2.0 out the door so we can start playing (even if not all the planned improvements are done).


All good Jacob. I hope the trip was a good one! Looking forward to playing with everyone on the server again.


So… not to sound annoying or rude or anything but… Is 2.0 ever going to happen, or are we just going to chill with what we have? Like, it’s been a WHILE. No one goes on the server anymore, it’s sort of boring, tbh.


The announcement for the new server was probably a bit early. Everyone’s waiting for the reset to roll through before picking up MC again. Also pls i haven’t played minecraft in months pls reset already


Very, very soon! On Sunday I completed 95% of the work remaining to get it out the door. I apologize for the super delayed update, life has been quite busy. :slight_smile: But rest assured, 2.0 is high on my priority list and should be out in the next few days if I can find the time to wrap up everything (I just need to ensure all the roles have the right permissions and then copy over the whitelist and we’ll be set).


If O2 is coming soon(ish) I’m wondering where things stand on the seed. Will there be a mesa?


Yep, there will most definitely be a mesa :slight_smile:


Today’s the day! I’m working on wrapping everything up and estimate everything should be online later this afternoon. I’ll be on Discord if anybody wants to check up on progress and will post an announcement when it’s up!


Great news! I can hardly wait.


Awesome! Today is laundry day, so once I get done with that I’ll be online!


If it’s today I will be here.


It’s online! See Obsidian 2.0 Launch for details


Just woke up and saw the post. This is great news!