Obsidian 2.0 Launch

:tada: :heart: :sparkle: Obsidian 2.0 is officially online! :sparkle: :heart: :tada:

The server address is p.obsidian.gg. The old server address will forward to the new one “automagically” if you don’t feel like updating.

Important Note: The whitelist from 1.0 has been copied to the new server, however if you do not have an account on the forum, please set one up ASAP. Very shortly, the server will use the forum accounts to manage the whitelist, so if you don’t have a forum account, you won’t be on the server.

What’s Here

  • A new, completely blank world with a world border of 4k by 4k blocks wide
  • The vanilla SMP experience in this new world

What’s Coming

  • Various polishes to welcome messages, available commands, etc.
  • Forum-based whitelist
  • Integration with our Discord server
  • Return of the online map
  • Improved tools for moderators

Changes to Staff

  • All existing Guardians are now Moderators. Moderators have the most power to keep everything running smoothly on the server
  • We will be adding some additional Guardians
  • The Admin role remains the same

Get Involved

  • Have any ideas / suggestions? Want to head up some events? Have some awesome content ideas for our builds? This is your server, let’s make it happen!
  • Be sure to hop on Discord, which allow us all to stay in touch off the server (and there’s even a chat bridge so you can keep tabs on server chat)

1.0 World Downloads

Check out downloads of the old 1.0 worlds here: https://github.com/the-obsidian/world-archive/releases/tag/v1.0

How do mods have access to allow new users to join? Because we have a new user, and he can’t log on because the server isn’t allowing him.

Also, I don’t have /mod access either.

The new user probably doesn’t have a forum account.

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