Obsidian 2.0 - Beginnings - Join our Discord group!


Just a quick note to say I’m working on Obsidian 2.0 - the next version of our community / server. Things are beginning to shape up! If you’d like to follow along or have any ideas, please…

Join our Discord group! Here’s a link that will get you right online: https://discord.gg/0acj9DyVWhPTJSLX.

Discord is an awesome text / voice chat application for gaming communities. I’ll be hanging out on our community there - feel free to join! All you have to do is click our special link and you’ll be online.

Obsidian 2.0 Launch

Here is an idea, I think all players that have earned the trust of the community and are active should be givin a member status. As mentioned in another topic the status will give players the ablity to temp ban people and vote on events and things on the server. Also as mentioned in another topic members may abuse their rank and ban players so we need to choose players carefully.


When the new server is up, i’ll consider if i’ll continue my self imposed ban, or join immediately. As for the member status idea, I am neutral on whether or not I should be given that status. On the other hand, I know that you should definitely get that status for helping me out with the Kierbear11 problem :smile: