O2 Spawn General Plan


We need a layout for spawn and a general design plan. I thought there was a spawn plan coming together and that Checker had a model worked out, but if that’s not so we need to get one started before random stuff drops all over the place.

I can make a general plan that would feature a place for the spawn building, farm, shops, nether hub portal, houses, etc etc. This plan would show where things go, and about how big they should be. It would not describe what individual buildings should look like, just their location and general size. Hopefully other players (Whooves!) will want to design and build buildings.

The old O1 spawn was great. It had lots of room and really good designs. It also took up a lot of space, which was fine because it was on a plain. This time space is a bit tighter and we’ll have to fit things in. There’s enough room for everything we want if we plan it.

Unless anyone has an alternate, I suggest we use the old O1 road design made of dark oak and stone slabs and steps for the spawn roads and ‘official’ areas.

Here is my list of what we will need. Please add anything that I’ve forgotten.

Spawn Room
Orientation Area
Starter Stuff Shop
Market Square or Shops
Nether Portal
Hotel or Starter Houses
Player Houses
Areas For Special Projects (iron farm or similar)

And nearby…
PVP Area
Obsidian Common (a large pen with animals anyone can breed/cull. I have a spot marked out for this already)


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I do have a couple of designs, give me a few min to get those up


Design 1 - Ovoid
Design 2 - Dome
Design 3 - Sphere
Design 4 - Open Sphere


I think the dome design would be best.


Those all look great, and will be even better on the rocky ground where spaw… I mean Molten Center will be located.


I really only like the dome option, but… Where is there room for shops or anything like that?


Shops would be placed either outside the dome or underneath it. With the little dig in the center, we could have a little path going down into a large underground area considering it’s going to be on top of a mountain. We could even set it up so that it could link up with the ocean and we could have a underground port. Just a thought.


I can also officially say I will not be building another iron foundry. Too many problems, too much supplies, too much time.