New Spawn and Build Rules


Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that we have a new spawn area! See (x890, z1130).

Props to the players who have contributed to the design and implementation of the new areas, and they look awesome! The goal of the new spawn and nether hub is to provide a beautiful community space for everybody and give newcomers a sense of the overall server and community quality, similar to the goals for our website and our subreddit.

Here’s a few building guidelines, and spawn is officially open for business!

The immediate spawn area is still a work in progress, so we request that you not build within 50 or so blocks in any direction of the spawn beacon without permission. Those areas are reserved for “official” buildings and structures. Our guardians Reed and Xyle are acting as “project leads” on these areas, so feel free to ask them how you can help and let them know (or reply here) if you have any ideas or suggestions!

Please extend the North, South, East, and West roads in a straight line utilizing the existing design. This helps the server maintain a uniform professional look that reflects the quality of our community. The blocks necessary are stone and dark oak slabs and dark oak stairs. If you have any dark oak or stone you’d like to donate to the spawn area, it would be much appreciated!

North is for redstone farms. Clustering the redstone farms allows for AFK-ing in one location to power them all! The server has a lot of power, but we do want to minimize lag, so if you’re planning something really big or generally have concerns, feel free to ping me (or any other Operators) or post in the forums.

South is for games. There’s a large plain open for the creation of mini-game huts and game arenas. Our newly-appointed Community Builder CFCThomas will be overseeing this area, so check with him if you have any questions or issues with that area.

East is for residential. Any kind of residential house is okay here - use your imagination! Just be sure to stay at least 50 blocks from the spawn beacon and respect other players by not building an extremely large building (30x30 is probably near the size limit). Again, the main road should match spawn, though you’re welcome to build your own unique “driveway”.

West is for shops. The shopping district is west of spawn. The rules are similar to the residential area, but with smaller restrictions to allow for more shops (15-20 block squares are the size limit there). Same road rules apply!

This announcement is going out on the forum and the subreddit - I’ll get the build rules posted someplace in game and on the help site.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to post them here or let me know in-game…

Have fun everybody, and congrats on the new spawn!