Name change to Nightriderx1


Just an FYI I am changing my name to Nightriderx1. Will there be any issues with whitelisting, lwc, inventory emping or anything like that? Also JewishDongWater tried it and he got de-whitelisted so I just want to be sure.


I’m not sure about lwc, as I unlocked all of my chests before changing my name, but I was just able to log in with my changed name. I didn’t lose anything from my inv.


LWC permissions also seem to persist through a name change.


@coolriderx1 I think it should just work - you should log out of the forum and log back in, which I think should updated your username here (and thus on the whitelist) since it’s all based on your accounts UUID which won’t change. LWC should also be based on UUID so it should just work.

Ping me on Discord if anything doesn’t work or the forum gives you issues and I can sort it out.


Thanks, no issuses at all.