Minecraft 1.9 FAQ

Minecraft 1.9 was released this morning (yay!). Here’s some answers to common questions:

When will the server be running 1.9?

Spigot is planning to release their 1.9 compatible version today or tomorrow, and as soon as that happens I’ll test our plugin configuration with the new build. As we have kept the number of plugins we use minimal, I’m hoping there are not any incompatibilities. If there aren’t any, I’ll push 1.9 out immediately. If there are, we will have to wait for the plugin developers to update their plugins.

Will the server map reset?

No - we just reset the map as part of Obsidian 2.0. We will be resetting the end (as there are many changes there), but I don’t believe anybody has visited it yet on the new map.

Yes, the map will be reset. We took a poll, and everybody unanimously voted to reset the map.

Will the world border be increased?

Yes - there are changes in the overworld generation, so the world border will be expanded.

Any other questions?

Ask them on this thread! I’ll post an announcement when the 1.9 switch takes place officially.

Woohoo! I can hardly wait!

Can confirm that no one has been to the end yet. However there are changes to the overworld too. (Saying this because I know someone else is going to complain about it) Are any of these worth being updated?
Also when the world is updated to 1.9, will the world border be lengthened to account for the new features?

Changes to the overworld include but are not limited to:

  • Beetroots
  • Grass Path Blocks (Naturally spawning in villages)
  • Igloos (Naturally spawning in snow biomes)
  • Skeleton Riders
  • Skeleton Horses
  • The Removal Of Herobrine (Kinda a important one. Should not be taken lightly)
  • The Frostwalker Enchantment
  • Villager Trades
    Just to name a few

Ah, okay, I was under the impression that only the end was changed. So, to answer your question, yes the world border will be increased to incorporate the new changes. :slightly_smiling:

If the extra chunk distance will allow the new content that will be nice. However, I’d much rather have the “unlimited” caves plugin removed, and a new map with all the 1.9 elements throughout. Just my opinion though.

Yeah, that would be cleanest, though I believe there’s been a significant amount of progress made in the new map, so we’ll keep it for now and expand (I just doubled the map width / height).

It’s live everybody! Post any issues you encounter here: Minecraft 1.9 Launched

I haaaaate the infinite cave system. It makes it impossible to dig down to find anything, and I can’t find any skeleton spawners or zombie spawners. Only cave spider spammers.

I think that if you branch out away from the main line of infinite caves it should be more normal (I dug around in spectator mode underground before the map launch), though I may be wrong on that.

Great! That was quick. I can’t wait to get on and play.

I know it’s going against the flow but I too am against the tricked out cave and abandoned mineshaft feature of this seed. I like everything else about it, but if it was being put to a (hypothetical) vote, I’d vote to start fresh.

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Maybe we should get a vote going then. Either way, thanks Jacob for the update!

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Just fyi, I do have a skele grinder if you need to use it. Just contact me if you need to use it.

That’s great, but you kinda missed the point – the infinite cave system is sort of crap. Like, with the old map, if you found one, it was great! It was a surprise, and exciting, because it didn’t happen often. But this is literally like, 3 or 4 systems stacked on top of each other covering the whole middle of the map, in a very central location (by spawn). It’s not exciting anymore, and you have to go waaaaaay out of the way to get away from it and find someplace to mine in peace without worrying about 50 spider spawners in a 100 block radius.

Which is why I set up the poll. The seed was fun at first, but now there’s no excitement. No challenge. Just watching the patterns of the caves, you can predict where the next one will be.

Aaaand it’s been reset :slightly_smiling:

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