Kill the End Dragon Event


So, guys, when is everybody free for the first server event: killing the end dragon!

I'm guessing weekends are best - please note your timezone as well! :smile:


I'm free any weekend day. And I'm in central standard time. Once we have a date I'll calculate the time in other timezones and send so everyone can view in their timezone.


Any day is fine, central european summer time. Thanks!


Would love to help take him out.

Pacific time zone here, so anytime in the evening would be best.


I am free nearly any day, I am in EDT so in the evening would be best for me.


The current planned time is 7pm EST (6pm Central) Sunday June 7th.

In preparation for the event, make sure you have tested TeamSpeak (server:, password is in the server welcome message).


I think you mean 7 pm EST, 6 pm Central


Yep, my bad - I edited the post. Thanks!


The date has been changed to Sunday the 7th at 7pm EST.