Keep getting booted? / New Server Host Suggestions


@NinjacatMew and I keep getting booted from the server, there’s something going on where it says the host server has closed or something. Any help?

Fixing Server Lag

IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

This is the error code. This should mean that the the player timed out, then connected back without telling the server that the player reconnected, essentially making the server believe that there is two players connected with the same IP, name, etc. The server then kicks off both the player and the ghost. (It may kick the player off at first, then realize that the ghost is not a player, then kick the ghost off as well)

Too long/too confusing/Didn’t read:
Long period of packet loss (the client doesn’t send any information) that when the packet finally gets to the server, the server believes that there are two @d0ct0rwh00ves connected, the server then kicks off both of the @d0ct0rwh00ves

Reasons why this may be happening:
-Small bandwidth
(think of a four lane highway that compresses into one lane. There is less space for the cars to move through, therefore making the connection slower)

-Stop streaming from the internet. Services such as YouTube and Netflix eat up a lot of bandwidth.
-Pause any cloud backup applications
-Do not use voice communication applications like Skype or Teamspeak
-Check for any malware that might be using your internet connection
-Tell any roommates or housemates to get off the internet
-Check if there are any unidentified connections to your Wi-Fi
-Buy a better plan for your internet

Hardware Problems:

-Restart your modem and router. Sometimes, even technology needs a breather
-Check that you have wired your internet cables correctly, and that it is not going through any unnecessary paths
-Check if your hardware is outdated
-Use Ethernet (wired) internet instead of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is prone to packet loss, especially when there is something obstructing the path between your device and the router, or if you are far away from the router

The server that @jacobwg bought sucks


These are some reasons and solutions that I can think of right now. Of course, don’t go using a plan with a larger bandwidth, or start using a new ISP just because of what I typed. It might turn out these problems are out of our hands, and are in the hands of @jacobwg or the server provider he bought the server from. Try opening the application “cmd” (for windows) and pasting this in using the mouse:

ping -t

This will continually ping our Minecraft server using 32 byte packets of info (very small, don’t worry about accidentally DDoSing the server) until you issue a command (control-break), or close the window. Look at this information, and find out if there really is packet loss happening, or if it might be something else.

This really feels like I just wrote using spaghetti hands, reply or PM me if you don’t understand part, or all of this post.

EDIT 1: Changes to first paragraph
I noticed that when you are forcibly removed from the server, usually, you can see that the server believes that you are still playing. This may be evidence that the time-out ghost theory is correct.


Server sucks, huh? :smile: Time to find a new host then!

So, our current host is - we’re on a 6GB plan paying $60/mo (which IMO is kinda high and we likely don’t need to pay that much). Does anybody have any suggestions for alternate hosts / hosting situations? I’m perfectly comfortable setting up our server on raw hardware / VPS too, though it is kinda nice to have a MC-themed host that way you can open a support ticket if something comes up.

Let’s get us back online!


Could try Slime Hoasting. I’ve had some former friends run their servers on there with great quality and nearly 100% uptime. 6GBs is only 18$ so less than a third of your current pay plans.


A question that hasn’t been asked, maybe because most people already know the answer, out the question hasn’t been thought of, but if we go with a new server, will we all have to start over again? New world, new stuff? Or do we get to keep everything the same?


Going to a different host doesn’t mean we have to go to a different world. If it were like that, Servers would have to build things on their main server instead of a test and shut everything down for maintenance.

tl;dr: No


The server has been migrated - let me know if you experience any lag or other issues!