It's been a while!


Hello everyone! Glad to see the obsidian is still here.

Not sure if anyone remembers me, it’s been a rather long time. I’m glad to see some familiar faces around here on the forums. I noticed a 2.0 is coming soon. Hopefully I’m not too late to join back in on the fun. I’d like to come back and play a bit more since college is will be slowing down come the end of this semester.

All that aside, will hopefully see some familiar and new faces soon!


Asdfghjkl DRT!!!


Ayyyy you’re always welcome here (Unless you haxs) :slight_smile: Currently no one goes on the server because Jacob is resetting the map and working on code & things. You can learn more here.

TL;DR server will be playable withen a week


Are we not allowed on or is it just that no one goes on? Because… I randomly pop in from time to time lol! I’m moving this week so it will be probably another week or so before I come back permanently, because after moving, we have to get internet turned on. So much to dooooo!


We are allowed on, it’s just that everything will be reset within the week


This response is late but welcome back Drt_Rider.


Thanks everyone. Looking forward to playing with everyone again.