Fixing Server Lag

tl;dr - There was lag. I’m trying to fix and want feedback.

Hello all! As many of you have experienced, the server has been experiencing some quite crippling lag, which of course is unacceptable, and I apologize for the annoyance. I believe I have identified some culprits:

  • there is a large amount of land loaded
  • we do not routinely restart the server, and it tends to slow over time
  • handling the circuitry and entities for the iron farm at spawn was contributing a small (but present) amount of lag

Here’s a link to the pre-fix timings:

To fix, I’ve made the following changes:

  • followed the timings suggestions and lowered the entity-activation-range to 12 for animals, 24 for monsters, and 4 for misc
  • reduced the view-distance to 6
  • slightly slowed down the spawn rate for iron golems at the spawn iron farm

Here’s a link to post-fix timings:

If you experience any lag, please post here - I’ll be working to kill any remaining lag and ensure we all have a nice speedy server to play on!

Thanks for the patience,

re: @Monkeymad358 @Checkers300

I’ll add this as an announcement on the server too :smile:

I was on for a bit today and there was a noticeable improvement!

Thanks Jacob

Since the map chat didn’t play a role in the lag can you turn it back on please? Thank you

Thanks for looking into the problem, as there is no issues with lag now as far as I can tell. I was just wondering though, rather than lowering the view distance from 10(?) to 6, would it be better to reduce the spawn rate of iron golems from the iron farm even further? I wonder this because the iron farm has only been running for a few days (right when we noticed that the server started lagging as well), and already we are producing way more iron than we currently need. It seems a shame to have the view distance limited by quite a lot when the server managed to handle it just the other day.

Also, did you mean to post the same link twice, since they look the same to me (unless I completely misread it that is :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Yeah, I’m thinking rates could be lowered a little too. Already we have filled the storage for iron ingots by a third (~30 double chests) not counting the hoppers.

Okay, cool - I cut the iron farm spawn rate in half and increased the view-distance to 10. And yeah, wrong timing link - here’s the one showing the lag:

We may want to transition to a new server host - you can follow that discussion at Keep getting booted? / New Server Host Suggestions.

For some reason the server still has lag. The problem is similar to the redstone timings being messed up but other than that the server is fine.

Like coolrider said, the server is still lagging hard. The tick speed seems to have been slowed down by something as crops are taking longer, mobs move slower, redstone is slower, the day/night cycle is incredibly long (roughly 25-minute long days and nights) and projectiles seem to bug out too.

I’ve made some tweaks that seem to have helped - I’ll keep watch on things, and post here if you see any more issues.

Timings before tweaks:

Timings after tweaks:

I think the lag and things being slower are being caused by the attempt to increase the day and night cycle. All the problems with crops, mobs, and, redstone might be caused by this, and also when you look into the sky the sun and moon seem to move forward then bounce back a little .

When I was taking a boat from the guardian farm to the jungle biome yesterday, it seems like my boat would lag back a few paces every few seconds, making the trip almost twice as long.

Can you all check again now? I made a few more tweaks and reset the cleanroom (turns out a lot of the circuits there were slowing things down), so things should be faster.

If you need it, there’s an announcement post about the cleanroom that has a zip download of the world.

the lag is so very real… and so very frustrating. D:

Like, I’m talking freezing up, and constantly having to re-mine blocks I’ve just done… 3 times.

This is just ridiculous. Now I keep getting booted, and I can’t get back on. PLEASE. FTLOG, can we do something?! LOL

On it! Let me see what I can do…