Ender Dragon Fight


Hey everyone,
So last night I was enjoying the lack of people. Where is everybody? I took some time to locate a stronghold and end portal just for the lols and bookcases. I was able to locate one and set up a portal to it through the nether.
Portal location is -17, 115, -205.
Has there been any talk at all about when we are going to kill the dragon? I personally think it should be done sometime at the end of April so people have time to prepare. What do you guys think?


I had surgery this past week so that's my excuse. Also been trying to catch up on GoT, so I haven't been playing. Also, I'm getting tired of having so many things wrong with the server. We dont have the clean room, no mod access, can't whitelist people, stuff stops working randomly without any way to fix it (furnaces, dispensers, etc), and you just have to wait for it to work on its own. Everyone keeps saying its Spigot's fault but on other servers that use spigot they're not having these issues at all. Also, I feel like we have to wait for forever for Jacob to get on to address any of our issues, and they don't always get addressed.

I'm down to fight the dragon whenever, but because of my schedule, I probably won't be able to join because I work 3 jobs.


I am free on weekends unless I have stuff to do. But other than that I'm ready when you guys are ready.


This is my bad - I apologize for the delays! I've been trying to better keep on top of issues as they arise though, so lots of these have been fixed. Feel free to tag me / email me if anything comes up and I'll usually get it sorted within 24 hours.

Here's some updates on the issues you mentioned:

  • No cleanroom: yes, there currently isn't a cleanroom. I am planning on reinstating it in some form in the near future - the way I implemented it last time was part of the reason we had some lag issues, and I don't want to reintroduce any of those, so I'm still figuring out how best to bring it back.
  • No mod access: mods do have access to most commands from before (except whitelist, see below), though we had to change logging plugins from Prism to Logblock to support 1.9, so the commands are slightly different. I need to create a page on what commands are available - it's on my todo list. But if you want, you can Google for the logblock docs. Kicks / bans / item spawns / TPs should work as before, so let me know if any of those aren't working correctly.
  • Can't whitelist people: forum-based whitelisting is enabled! Essentially anybody who is in the "Members" group on the forum is whitelisted - they have to create an account here, post in the application thread, one of us has to approve (by replying to their post) and then we add them to the members group (admins / mods can add or remove people from that group here: https://forum.obsidian.gg/groups/member/members) - check with @Checkers300 if you have any issues as I walked him through the process as well.
  • Stuff stops working randomly: shields are working now, furnaces / dispensers are working now, etc. I've been updating spigot every few days to keep on top of the fixes.

Beyond those issues, please let me know if you see any more and I'll see what I can do. Due to my schedule I'm not able to actually play much these days, but I'll keep on top of the admin-ing and let the rest of you mods keep the peace. :slight_smile:


Also, I would like to advertise the forum again on /r/mcservers, but we probably want to be online to welcome newcomers when I do - we should coordinate a time when several of us will be online and plan to post the advert around then.

Should bring in some fresh players.


Perhaps we should focus on ensuring that there are no more bugs. These bugs might turn some newcomers off of our server.


Speaking of new players when should we build spawn?


Probably before we fight the dragon...I should start digging that...


Where are we going to fight the dragon?


Not sure, we'd have to figure out a date when everyone would be ready.