Dragon Dead! Next Event?


Please leave a suggestion of what you would like as a server event in the future.


I know I'd love to see some kind of team-based timed survival / PvP (is this UHC? I'm out of the loop on the lingo). Something like players join in teams of two and the event lasts for so long and the world border continuously shrinks. I'm not totally sure how the logistics would work (I'm assuming that it would be a small world created specifically for the event).


@jacobwg You're correct, that game mode without natural health generation is called Ultra Hard Core See description here! I'm also working on 'THE OBSIDIAN OLYMPICS' which will be a many minigames with the player/team who wins the most games wins THE OBSIDIAN OLYMPICS! WE could put UHC in the Olympics as well, that would be very cool! Just thoughts, nothing permanent that can't be rethought out!



Yeah a PvP/UHC event would be great!


I'd love to see something like this, and maybe if its possible, have the winner get to have like, 30 minutes or an hour in creative mode as their prize, something like that?


Probably goes against being a vanilla server... We should definitely have a cool prize though (chest full of goodies?) :smile:


Diamond enchanted EVERYTHING!


Maybe as a prize, you get a player head for everyone you kill or something similar.

With a prize you want it to be fairly unique, or at least I would if I won.


Just wondering when the next event is being chosen, since it's been over a month since the last suggestion was posted. If you're still looking for suggestions however, then since no one has mentioned it yet, I would definitely recommend a traditional hunger games event.


I actually said something to Jacob about having something like that about a week or so ago, when the map was first rendered. I think that would be a fantastic idea, but we'll need to talk about rules, set up a sort of barrier or wall, have you, as a boundary for the game. I'd like to enlist the help of the players to build the Cornucopia (maybe work on it in cleanroom at some point just to flesh things out and get the size and color right) and have a few chests with items and such in there. It would need to be held on a night when a LOT of people are on, so it actually feels like a real fight.


Let's start with a hunger games event, then probably a UHC event after that (I'm thinking a lot of the preparation for hunger games will lend itself well towards UHC).

Here's a thread to kick off the planning! http://forum.obsidian.gg/t/planning-hunger-games/100