District 12 on Dynmap?


I hopped on to see who was online on the map, and saw there was a section called District 12. Does this mean we’re having a Hunger Games-esque event coming up?!


Ooh, that sounds like fun! Let’s do it! District 12 is the new parallel world that should have all the biomes, etc. (district 12 = Hunger Games = coal mining - seemed to fit). But we should definitely plan for a HG event (and a UHC event too!)


How do we access the world? If love to take a look at it and maybe build a Cornucopia and see what I can do to make it evil and killer lol


There was no mesa available so I’m regenerating the map with a new seed that has mesa - once that’s done, I’ll put up a forum post and announcement about the new world with instructions on how to build portals into it.


Sweet! I saw the new map, looks like there’s two area mesas available. Something I’d recommend, make those areas non-livable so people aren’t fighting over building there. Once people start living there, resources could go pretty quickly.