District 12: A Parallel World

tl;dr - District 12 (the parallel world) is now open! It has mesas! See below for portal instructions


There are a few missing biomes in the overworld (notably mesas) thanks to some weird circumstances surrounding its creation. We’ve toyed with a few ideas on how to solve, including expanding the world border (there are no mesas whatsoever even with a 12k block radius world), artificially creating one within the world (ugly), expanding the world with another generator (extremely ugly), and creating another world with a new generator. The later was chosen, and that world is District 12!


District 12 is a parallel world to the Overworld, with a 1-to-1 coordinate mapping (unlike the nether which is a 1-to-8 mapping). This means that if you are at X-42 Z-42 and enter a portal to District 12, you will emerge at X-42 Z-42.

This world operates exactly like the overworld, though one word of caution: the mesas will get plundered for resources. Best not to build anything you want to stay around permanently there. :smile:

Portal Instructions

So, what are these portals of which we have referred? I’m glad you asked! You will need regular obsidian and a lighter as with normal portals, plus a coal block. This coal block is crafted from nine coal, like so:

Once you have those coal blocks (you will need two), place them at the bottom corners of your portal, like so:

This works with portals of any size:

Congrats, you have created a District 12 portal! They only work in the Overworld, and portals created inside District 12 will lead back to the Overworld (not the Nether).

Why the Name?

District 12 == Hunger Games == Coal Mining == Resource World

Thanks Jacob!

I love your use of “==” coder alert!

Ha, yep, coder coming out there. :smile: I want to start a series of posts about some of the custom code that makes the server run… Would be fun to write and hopefully informative for everybody else :smile: