Disabling XP Dropping When in the PvP Arena


Whilst I am a big fan of PvP, I haven’t actually done any on the server yet because I could lose all my levels that I got from farming at the End. Due to this, I was wondering what peoples opinion would be on disabling XP dropping (or maybe player’s inventories by using “/gamerule keepInventory true” for simplicities sake) when in the PvP arena.

If we used the “keepInventory” gamerule, then it would also save the hassle of having to sort out dropped items when killed by another player, and would allow them to just get straight back into the fight. This would be very useful for team PvP, so players wouldn’t have to stop for a minute when one person dies. It would also allow people to just drop whatever they are doing and play some PvP without having to worry about sorting out their inventory beforehand.


That could be useful - I could probably make it apply to the PvP arenas specifically (either with CommandHelper scripts or worldguard perhaps).


I agree. Would help with making sure no one steals items when you die.


Speaking of PvP, me and check have designed locker rooms for the PvP tower. You can come see them on the test server.


You would have to talk to me first as I run the server off my computer if you would like to see how things could look.