Command Blocks and their uses


Hey y’all! I’m fairly new to your server (3 days) and wanted to throw out some command block ideas. I know you have a vanilla style world, and I love it so far! I just feel like there could always be non-mod related improvements to minecraft as a whole. With the use of command blocks we can re-fight the ender dragon, have more powerful spawn areanas, have villager “shopkeepers” that don’t die that could really add to the feel of the world! It’s all vanilla friendly and a lot of fun. I’ve experimented a lot with the use of command blocks on single player worlds and have found the experience just wonderful! We can have events like more powerful mob fights and the such.
I’m extremely excited to be in the community and greatful to be excepted!

  • Jack Farina AKA Finaglebagle


Awesome, and we’re excited to have you!

Command blocks are currently disabled (the default), and I’ll admit I do not know a lot about them beyond how they work and a little about the commands available - I’ve never set them up myself. I will say, however, that 99% of the custom functionality we have going on the server is powered by the CommandHelper plugin, so we have the entire MScript programming language and CommandHelper API available to us for custom tweaks.

Here’s a list of API methods available:

And here’s a list of events we can tap into:

I just open-sourced our current CommandHelper configuration - that way if anybody else wants to contribute, it’ll be easy!

The repository:

I probably need to clean up some parts and get some better organization in there.

So, I think that could likely replace command blocks… if I understand it correctly. :smile:

Any thoughts?


To be honest, I assume the command helper is probably much stronger than in-game command blocks. If we start coming up with some event/trigger ideas I’d be more than happy to help take a stab at coding something new.


To circle back to this post, @Finaglebagle, were there any ideas you mentioned or didn’t that you’d like to see implemented. Love to get the ball rolling here. :smile: