Building My Snow Village


So I’ve just finished building the houses for my village, but now I need to get the ground work done.

Here’s a picture:

What I would like to accomplish is for the top layer of the walled in area to be changed out to snow, with scattered patches of packed ice. The stone slabs represent where I’ll be putting a path through the village.

What I’m going to need help with is snow gathering. I have a single chest full of snow, but I’m not sure how much that will actually cover. With the lag we’re currently experiencing, snow farms are really tedious. I’m currently willing to pay a diamond for every 3 stacks of snow.


P.S. If you are willing to assist with laying down the path or snow, let me know. I am able to do it on my own, but an extra set of hands would get it done a lot faster.


Sure, I will give you the snow if you help me with building my new wall. Also let me know if anyone has any extra cobblestone.


I have 2 double chests of cobble going unused at the moment. Where’s this wall being built?