Big Sale On Enchanted Bows, and more!


I have a huge surplus of Bows, Saddles, and nametags! I'd be glad to sell them off at any reasonable price you wish! Contact me through the forum, or by /mail NinjacatMew send [message] !

Please pay me with diamonds I haven't been able to find any in my large mine,


P.S. Is there a way to set up a shop at spawn, with or without plugins? Please respond through the above methods


I give away bows at my shop for free, so it would be futile to try and sell them elsewhere unless they're HEAVILY enchanted. You can set up shop to the east (?) of Spawn where the other shops are though, if you want to sell things.


Most of my bows have two strong enchantments, and I have a few bows with three enchants. I own one bow with five enchantments, which may or may not be for sale. I'll post more specific enchantments when I am able to go ingame.

Also, is there a size limit for shops? Would a 20xNx20 shop be too large?


If you're on later today I'll take a look at them, I'm may have some extras I can just give you, too. Also, I think a 20 x 20 is the extent of the size. If you decide where to do it (there's a place next to the pool that can be used) if you need materials, I have another shop literally directly across from the pool that has excess materials.


Speaking of shops, I replaced my old food shop with a new one that sells dyed stuff like banners, leather armor,fireworks ect. I am hoping to open it this Saturday. Also my shop is different from 50stlegion's because I sell premade banners and things other than banners.


I have a TON of gunpowder I can sell you if you'd like.


I will give you a discount at my shop for it.


I don't need anything at your shop, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you want for it?


I'm also interested in gunpowder Whooves, if CR doesn't want it.


Give me a chance to look at what I have in my inv. and I'll see what I need. As of right now, I don't need anything major, maybe just rotted flesh and string (LOTS of both), but as I said, not sure.


Ok. If we can't come to an agreement on anything I'll talk to you about it.